WFH Tool Kit

Working from home and looking for resources to make your WFH experience even better? We have you covered! We’ve crafted all the best resources and downloads to keep your work ethic at an all-time high from the comforts of home. From a checklist to ensure you stay on track, to professional-looking virtual backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting, you will be set-up for success on your next WFH day! The items below are all part of Tysons ECommute’s WFH Tool Kit, designed to make working from home easier and more productive.

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Video Conference Backgrounds

Looking for a professional, clean new Zoom background?
Click on any of the pictures below to use for your next virtual  meeting.


Social Holiday Calendars 2021

There is always something to celebrate! Click on a calendar picture below,
print it out, or save it to your device so you can keep a pulse on fun holiday happenings.


  June Calendar    July 2021 Calendar    August Calendar    September Calendar

  October Calendar     November Calendar     December Calendar

Ergonomic Home Office Guide

Poor ergonomics within your workspace can significantly affect
your comfort, focus, and performance. Click on the Ergonomic
Home Office Guide picture below to learn how to correctly sit at
your desk and set up an ergonomic workspace.

Printable To-Do List

Unleash your productivity and reflect on your
day with our printable to-do list! Click on the to-do
list picture below, print it out, or save it to your
device to start adding to your to-dos.

There are numerous tools at your disposal to help you learn more about traveling, commuting, and getting around the Tysons Corner area.

Apps: Check out these great transportation apps!


All of these websites can help you with your public transportation needs.

Access Guide: 

Download this pdf featuring your transportation options plus a helpful map here.

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